Flash on Fedora 11 not working?
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 3:42PM
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Hello peeps!

Yes, it's been a while. Do you think only Earthlings have the right to go on vacation? Sheesh.

This post is really not worthy of being called a post. More of a quick tip, really. Something I came across when upgrading my Fedora 10 system to Fedora 11 was that my Flash no longer worked. Most readily apparent when trying any youtube video: Video would begin to play and then a fraction of a second later the video window would turn grey and all would be lost.

I checked that I had the proper flashplayer installed, which it turns out I did (fresh from Adobe's own software repository). So that couldn't be the problem. Also, this particular system on which the problem occurred was running the 32 bit Fedora 11 install, so it could have nothing to do with 64 bit issues (64 bit has caused problems in the past when running Flash).

A quick search of the trusty Internet yielded a perfect result:

Get rid of the libflashsupport package (yum erase libflashsupport) since this apparently no longer is necessary in Fedora 11 and throws a spanner into the works when it comes to Flash working properly.

After typing the above command, it worked. Like a treat..

Sometimes solutions are easy. I love it when that (occasionally) happens.

Tux lives!

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