A magnificent in sheep's clothing
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 10:31PM
Captain Rtfb

Have you ever been working at a linux prompt and needed a serial terminal emulator? For connecting to the serial port of your mobile phone, or a modem? No need to install a terminal emulator or any Darwin tool! Say bye to minicom! The tool you need is right there in your repository, and already installed at your OSX or linux! Screen! But screen is known to be used for accessing more than one shell at a time? Yes, but it's also a serial terminal...

In my example below I paired my Nokia via Bluetooth to my Mac. In /dev/ there's now a serial device present: /dev/tty.Captain-COM1-1

At the osx-prompt I issue the command screen /dev/tty.Captain-COM1-1 You can optionally add the baudrate as second parameter. And there you go!

Exit the terminal by the sequence ctrl-a and k.


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