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Uncompress zlib compressed stream

Today I encountered a file which was compressed but I was unable to see what compression method was used. The header started with 78 9c ec. Good friend Google told me that it could be a Zlib compression. But how to use the Zlib library from the command line?

Fortunately PHP has a command available, gzuncompress(). A short piece of php code uncompresses the file for me:

$handle = fopen($file, "r");
$inhoud=fread($handle, filesize($file));
$uncompressed = gzuncompress($inhoud);
echo $uncompressed;


Default start page Links Browser on Dreambox

It would be so nice... while watching the television, and just by pressing one button on the remote of the Dreambox to view the latest .jpg from my webcam. It wasn't that easy. To view a .jpg you have to start the file-explorer and point to the .jpg by using a few steps. I wanted that procedure easier... (forum thread, dutch)

For watching the webcam while I work at my computer, I set up a webwerver with a meta-refesh on the .jpg. So the easiest way to show the image on my Dreambox is to start the build in browser? But... the Links Web Browser has a default start page which points to How to modify that?I found out that is hard-coded in the binairy of the plugin. Here are two brief descriptions to modify the startpage:

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